First, a sizing chart for Gildan. Measurements are inches wide by inches long.

Size Chart

Adult T-Shirts
Youth T-Shirts
18" w x 28" l
17" w x 21.5" l
20" w x 29" l
18" x 23" l
22" w x 30" l
19" x 25" l
24" w x 31" l
20" x 26.5" l
26" w x 32" l
28" w x 33" l

I use Gildan brand "heavy" 100% cotton shirts. These are the colors I can buy locally. All are available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. Only black and white adult shirts are available in 2XL and 3XL.

*edit* Okay, I stand corrected, I found a store here that sells all their colors up to 2XL. So those colors are: Daisy, Orange, Safety Pink, Heliconia, Red, Safety Green, Lime, Irish Green, Sky, Sapphire, Royal, Purple, and Sport Grey.

*edit again* I was buying most of my shirts from my local Michaels but they have cut their adult shirt section way down, hopefully temporarily, while they get ready to relocate. I am hoping they have a large selection again once the move is complete. In the meantime some colors only they had are no longer available and I have removed them from the list below.

I gotta be honest, I got these photos off of a website that sells them, and if you ask me they all look more "washed-out" here than they do in person. (I mean look at the black, that looks like a grey). For example the heather navy looks blue here but in person it looks like a charcoal grey, not blue, like, at all really. I suppose I need to buy one of each and take my own photos someday.



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