I am making custom embroidered hoodies based on the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. These are simple hoodies in the color of the pony, with their cutie marks on the hips, wings on the back if a pegasus and a stuffed horn on the hood if a unicorn (both wings and horn if a princess). That's it, no other embellishments. Custom characters are available as well for an additional fee (as I have to digitize a cutie mark just for you). Contact me with an image of your cutie mark and I will let you know.

Earth Ponies: $55
Pegasi and Unicorns: $65
Princesses: $75

Shipping is typically priority. Domestic (US) will be $10, International we'd have to discuss it.

Select a hoodie color HERE. Sizes available are S-3XL. These are the only hoodies available. If you have your own hoodie, that's great, we can discuss you shipping it to me and price adjustments.

Sorry I don't have a lot of images in the gallery yet. I can't afford to buy a bunch of hoodies to make samples, I need people to order them and then I can take photos of those.

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