Here are sites I recommend you look at to find designs, either for yourself or for me to use to make you something.

Good for hip, sassy, cute, nerdy embroidery designs with attitude.

Good for all around general embroidery designs, including holidays and animals.

Owned by the same company as UrbanThreads and EMBLibrary, this site is for svg (cut vinyl/paper) designs.

Sites for artists for whom I create multiple designs for sale.

Monstrous webcomics and flash cartoons.

I buy a lot of supplies from them - including Fuse-n-Bond, which is what I put on the backs of my iron-on patches.

Embird Digitizing Software
Embird is a powerful affordable home digitzing program, and the one I use.

Best crafting community on the web.

Stitch Cursive at
Where I purchased the stitchy font I use on this site.

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