I use Siser brand htv and Cricut heat presses to make my garments. When I first started making these for myself I was using a regular home iron and the vinyl tended to lift in the wash but since I have started using an actual heat press I have not personally experienced any issues. However this is with following these guidelines:

Hand washing and flat drying is probably best, but you may use machines (I always do). Machine wash warm, no bleach, tumble dry low. Turn garments inside out and place in a delicates bag (if you don't have one a zippered pillow protector should be okay). I do not recommend you machine wash/dry without a garment/delicates bag. When your dryer finishes remove the item(s) promptly, take from the bag, and turn it right side out. It may come out feeling a little damp so lay it flat to dry completely and relax any wrinkles. If you must use an iron, do not iron the decoration (even the back). If the item has one of my custom logo tags on it, do not iron that.

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